Pool Pole

Wed Jan 24 2018  [Updated: Fri Feb 16 2018]

Are you frustrated with the cheap telescoping aluminum pool poles with the plastic "locking cam"? I've always had trouble with those cams slipping, and if you tighten them as much as possible to reduce the slipping then it gets so tight you can't release it. In addition, the pole itself is easily bent or broken. I found a great replacement at Lowe's.

As you can see in the picture, the pole locks in place with a pin that goes into one of the holes on the inner section of pole. This gives you a positive lock -- no slipping and it's a finger press to unlock and slide the pole to a different length. The pole itself is also much sturdier than the typical pole. The downsides are:

  1. Costs more: ~$30 as opposed to $20 for the cheap ones.
  2. Heavier due to its stronger, thicker construction.

Lowe's is not my usual go to place for pool supplies, so I was surprised to find it there. But this is a much better product than I've found at Home Depot, Leslie's Pool Supplies, or online pool supply companies. Highly recommended.

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