Fri Sep 30 2016  [Updated: Wed Jan 10 2018]

NewAlbumFinder is a python application that can scan the MP3 music files on your computer to gather a list of the artists and albums you currently have in your collection. It then searches the iTunes database to get a list of available albums by each of those artists, and builds a list of those albums you don’t currently have. This list is saved in an html file on your desktop that you can open in your web browser, and includes the album art for each album. You can click on the album to be taken to the iTunes store for more information about the album.

You can run the program and control its operation via command-line options but it also has a GUI interface that will be used if you have wxWindows installed.

Using the GUI

The first step in using NewAlbumFinder is to specify where your MP3 files are located so that it can gather the list of your current albums. Click the “Browse” button to locate that directory. If any albums are found they will be listed at the bottom of the GUI window. You may now click the “Search iTunes” button.

Using the Command Line

You may want to first print out the help information to see what options are available:

$ python --help

You may use the -t option to specify the location of your MP3 files:

$ python -t "G:\My Music"

but if you don’t, you’ll be prompted for the directory. If any albums are found, the search of the iTunes database will automatically start.

Files Created

NewAlbumFinder will create a file on your desktop called “CDs You Don’t Have.html” which you can open in a web browser. It will also create a file called NewAlbumFinder.dat in the MP3 file directory you gave it. This file contains the list of all albums from your artists that it collected from iTunes. This file allows NewAlbumFinder to only show you new albums the next time you run the program (unless you set the option to show ALL albums).

Source Code

NewAlbumFinder consists of three files:


The code is available to download from Github.

Keywords: python,software,music,mp3