Here are articles related to linux.

Python LSF (ls + find) Program

Fri May 27 2016 [Updated: Wed Jan 10 2018]

Have you ever needed to search through your directories looking for files that match certain criteria? As a system administrator, I found myself doing this often and would usually use the unix find command to generate the list of matching files and then pipe that into an ls -l command to get the info I needed for each file. I found the syntax of the find command to be very unorthodox and hard to remember. The python script is an attempt to create a super-charged version of the basic ls command that adds options to control which files are included in the output.

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Bash Shell Change Directory Script

Fri Nov 20 2015 [Updated: Wed Jan 10 2018]

If you are a *nix user and work from the command line primarily, you often use the ‘cd’ command to move from directory to directory during the course of your work. Some of the directory paths can get long when you are trying to keep things organized in a meaningful way. When you realize you have to go back to /usr/lib/product/setup/appearance/xml for the 10th time, you might wish you didn’t have to type out that long path each time. What you need is to keep a history of the directories you’ve been in and some shortcuts for getting back to them. Well, that’s the purpose of the sd.bash shell script. This script should work on any operating system as long as you are using the bash shell.

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