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Tue Dec 13 2016 [Updated: Wed Jan 10 2018]

OpenMetronome is a Windows metronome program that started out as a project called “Weird Metronome” by David Johnston, was renamed to “OpenMetronome” and further enhanced by Mark Billington, and now I’ve added a few more minor modifications. If you’re ready to try OpenMetronome without reading through this whole article, you can scroll down to the end to find the installation instructions.

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Multi-guitar Stand

Tue May 26 2015 [Updated: Wed Feb 14 2018]

Upon purchasing yet another guitar and trying to figure out where to put it, I initially considered hanging my guitars from the wall. That takes up quite a bit of space, and I don't have that much free wall space in my music room. Then it occurred to me that some kind of rack or stand that could hold all my guitars would allow me to keep them in a reasonably small space, while still providing easy access. A quick Google search turned up many different designs, but I ended up with the one shown above that is based on one I found on I chose this one based on the simplicity of construction as well as how nice the finished product looked. There are some neat designs out there using PVC pipe for example, that are inexpensive and easy to make, but I wanted to build something that looks more like a nice piece of furniture.

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