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Mapex P500TW Double Bass Pedal on Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Kit

Wed Feb 14 2018 [Updated: Thu Feb 15 2018]

I've always wanted to play drums but a real drum set has been impractical due to space required and loudness.  Electronic drum sets seemed like a great solution but were too expensive.  Then I saw the Alesis Nitro kit available for $300 and the reviews were mostly positive.  So I ordered one and have been having a blast with it.  I enjoy some metal music and thought it would be great to have a double bass pedal.  The lowest priced one I could find was the Mapex P500TW.  I read mixed opinions online as to whether or not this would work.  My experience was that, with the original bass drum pad, the trigger area is too small for both beaters to get consistent hits registered.  I ended up building my own bass drum pad very inexpensively to provide a larger hitting area and so far it's working great.

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Tue Dec 13 2016 [Updated: Wed Jan 10 2018]

OpenMetronome is a Windows metronome program that started out as a project called “Weird Metronome” by David Johnston, was renamed to “OpenMetronome” and further enhanced by Mark Billington, and now I’ve added a few more minor modifications. If you’re ready to try OpenMetronome without reading through this whole article, you can scroll down to the end to find the installation instructions.

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